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We are in unprecedented times and the stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that all of us have been hit with a level of hardship in some way shape or form. It is in this time that the most vulnerable in our communities face the biggest challenges.
The pandemic has seen millions of families working, educating and caring for their loved ones at home, but what about those families who had financial hardship before the crisis? Or those families who’s child is sick or has a disability? What if you are dealing with all three of these scenarios?  The extra burden on these families is immense and they need your help.
Our families are in need of technology, resources and activities to help educate their children. With your help, KidzWish will grant these wishes!


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Arinya is a little chatter box, who is always on the go. She loves music and particularly enjoys teaching her little brother Jarli to sing and dance. Arinya has Lvl 2 ASD (autism) and her mother Heidi says that music is a great way to calm Arinya.

Arinya doesn’t have access to a computer which has meant that on top of the challenges that come with Arinyas autism, homeschooling has been extremely difficult for the family often meaning Arinya is missing out on the education she deserves. KidzWish hopes with the support of the community to provide Arinya with a tablet or computer and printer so that Arinya can continue to learn and thrive like other children her age.

Arinya's Story

Joshua is a happy 7 (almost 8) year old who loves Spiderman. Joshua has sensory neural hearing loss and like many other children Joshua is currently being home schooled along with his brother and sisters.

Joshua’s condition means that he finds navigating and using computers very difficult, this has meant that Joshua has struggled with homeschooling more than his siblings. Joshua can however use an iPad due to the touch screen having access to this technology will significantly improve Joshua’s access to an education in these unprecedented times.

Joshua's Story

Oliver is best described by his loving mum as a smart and happy 5 year old boy. Oliver was born with Bi-lateral Talipes and as a toddler was diagnosed with a short stature and Elhers Danlos, Oliver has and will continue to face lifelong challenges due to his conditions.

Oliver has a supportive family and a great team of therapists around him, he attends face to face  Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Psychology services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Oliver is now unable to attend these vital services. Oliver’s mum Jemma is seeking an iPad so that Oliver can have access to telehealth and continue to achieve his therapy and educational goals.

Oliver's Story

Emma White is a 15 year old girl. Life is pretty tough for Emma, but she has big dreams and a big heart. Emma and her family do not have enough money to afford regular access to data, and during Covid 19, that means Emma can’t access her online school learning, participate in the volunteer programs she normally helps out with, or stay in touch with her friends and family. We would love for Emma to have access to 6 months data and a laptop to use it on.

Emma's Story

Myah is 10 years old and lives with her Mum Jenny, her dog Charlie and her two cats Raven and Josie who she adores. Myah loves talking and drawing and can do both for hours on end, she especially loves to quiz her family and friends on some of her interests, including the Simpsons and L.O.L dolls. Myah has autism, ADHD and anxiety, this has meant that Myah has been struggling with homeschooling and adapting to the all the changes. To help Myah access her schooling Myah requires a tablet.

Myah's Story

Jakai lives at home with his Mum Pennie and brother Tyrell. Jakai has severe dyslexia and 2 years ago a devastating fall left Jakai with a traumatic brain injury. Jakai loves to attend Scouts and even though he struggles socially at school, getting together with his Scout Troop and learning new skills is something he really looks forward to. For a 10 year old, Jakai has overcome many challenges, now facing the fallout from the Covid-19 virus the family is yet again dealing with more hardship. With Jakai’s brother Tyrell being a severe asthmatic homeschooling has been the only option for the brothers, this has been particularly hard for Jakai as he no longer has the support of his teacher’s aid and the family have limited resources to support online education. Pennie is worried Jakai is falling behind with his education and has applied through the KidzWish Wishing Well Program. KidzWish hopes to raise funds to purchase the technology required to support the family and the boy’s educational needs.

Jakai’s Story

In supporting KidzWish you are not only helping children in need, but also will become part of a team dedicated to making a difference. How many stars can you help fill up and give out? All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

In supporting KidzWish you are not only helping children in need, but also will become part of a team dedicated to making a difference. How many stars can you help fill up and give out? All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Be a star of support and help us grant wishes!